Breathing some life into this domain

April 5th, 2006. I was 21 years old, excited about starting a work placement in Sheffield (UK) and full of ideas for this new domain that I had just registered. It wasn’t my first…

My very first website went live in May 1996 at the age of 12 and I bought my first domain name in 1999.  My first few (very crappy looking) websites were all hosted on GeoCitiesSome of yoreading this might remember that part of the process of signing up for a free website there involved finding a “vacant home”. You had to select a neighbourhood that best matched your website’s content first, pick a subarea next and then choose one of the available unoccupied homes to move into. It might sound crazy, but I secretly loved it and could spend hours inspecting the websites of my potential “neighbours” and looking for a house number that I liked.

Oh joy, the home at address 9457 Silicon Valley Hills appears to be vacant. Fancy becoming dafemosen’s neighbour?

The topics of the websites I created ranged anywhere from Japanese anime and manga series Pretty Soldier Sailormoon to specific video games from the late 80s and early 90s, from virtual pets to bands and solo musicians, and from amateur voice acting to ROM translations. I will spare you the details, but let it suffice to say that looking back at those websites today, thanks to the amazing powers of the Wayback Machine, I’d say some of them weren’t too shabby considering my age at the time whereas others were… downright cringeworthy.

Anyway, let’s fast-forward to today, January 18, 2014. It’s been 8 years since I registered and the domain has only really been used to provide me with a nice-looking e-mail address.  The plans I initially had for this domain never came to fruition,  as I didn’t know where or when to start. Now that I find myself lying in bed most of the day due to a high-risk pregnancy and sleepless at night because of a certain little life form that loves to use my belly as a human boxing bag throughout the night, I think it’s time to finally put to good use.

What can you expect to see here?
– Reviews of all sorts of things including music, games and films.
– Galleries containing snapshots I’ve taken with my Canon 600D.
– “Music” I manage to create. (You’d better brace yourselves!)
– Blog posts about news that caught my attention, life in general, funny stuff, adorable fuzzy animals, my experiences as a first-time mum and whatever else I feel like sharing.

So why won’t you join me on this journey called life from wherever in the world you may be?

One thought on “Breathing some life into this domain”

  1. This mysterious journey of life you mentioned sounds interesting. I’ll hop on in the backseat and see where you take us.

    Bas – From Thailand

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